Sunday Ramblings from Prospect Cottage.

In arigna, Gardening on November 20, 2011 at 12:09 pm

View from the back door.

 The weather this month has been extraordinary. Fluctuating between wet and dry weather but always so mild…springlike actually. The pic above was taken yesterday…very low cloud on Corry Mountain making the wind turbines invisible. I spent 2 hours in the garden…weeding and tidying up. It was too warm for a coat!

Japenese Anemones.

 Japenese Anemones continue to produce flowers. Be careful where you plant these as they are impossible to remove and spread like crazy. I thought I had dug them all up from this corner of one of the veg beds…but no…they came back with a vengeance again this year. Any little bit of root produces a new plant…a bit like Bindweed.

In the polytunnel the Peach tree has dropped most of it’s leaves…making a bright splash of yellow for a short time. I will enjoy this colour for a little while before collecting the leaves for the compost.

The Grapevine too will soon be bare. In the kitchen above the stove the last of the grapes are bubbling away… hopefully a nice wine will result.

There is still lots of Beetroot to be harvested in the polytunnel. I have made lots of Beetroot Chutney and tried Borscht for the first time earlier this week…delicious. Beetroot is said to have health enhancing properties and contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, E, K plus calcium, mangenese, potassium, iron, copper, phosphorus, sodium, zinc and selenium. It does’nt have to be eaten from a bath of cheap vinerar only. It is delicious roasted…can be grated over salads…makes great soup…and can even be used in cakes. I have a recipe for Chocolate and Beetroot Cake which I intend to make this week. I’m also going to juice some…I’ve had Beetroot juice in the past…it’s very sweet. Beetroot is said to provide more oxygen to the blood. So there you go…the humble easy to grow Beetroot is really a superfood.

Finally a look at where I do my blogging from…the front porch looks out onto our front field and beyond that to Sliabh an Iriann (the Iron Mountain)which is shrouded in heavy mist today. A comfy chair…bookshelves to my right…I like to check info before I put it out there. Laptop on desk in front of radiator…cushy. Looking out on our little world whilst communicating with the big wide world out there. Lovin it!

  1. I’m really curious as to how your wine will turn out! We bought a grapevine in the spring for eventual wine, but it will be a couple more years before that’s even a possibility. As for beets – I truly want to like them, but can’t. I find them okay raw in small amounts, but something about the smell of cooked beets I find very unappetizing.

  2. Chocolate and Beetroot cake–sounds delicious! So many beautiful plants growing there! We’ve had mild weather, too, but the deep freeze is on its way.

  3. I am very anemic and need more oxygen in my blood – thanks for the info.

  4. What a fabulous view! Thanks for “liking” my post, too 🙂

  5. I would love to look out on an Iron Mountain

  6. The big wide world is loving it right back.


  7. The Japanese anemones are so pretty though! I wonder how they would grow here. Drainage is a big problem in my garden with the heavy clay.

    I don’t think I’ve had beets except once or twice in a salad. The cake sounds really interesting!

  8. Personally, I love beets (so sweet and earthy), but a lot of people I know seem to think that they taste too much like dirt. No matter, though – more for me, and as you say, they’re so good for you.

    That is, by the way, a gorgeous place to write – what a wonderful view!

  9. What a wonderful setting. How lovely to be self-sufficient too.

  10. What a great blogging spot! That view is AMAZING. All the plants look beautiful, and beet root chutney sounds marvelous. Will you pass on the recipe for the beet root cake? That sounds so fun! I’ve never hear of it and most certainly didn’t know you could make cake out of beet root!

  11. What a wonderful place to write! Such a view!

  12. I just planted 8 Japenese Anemones this weekend in a bare patch in my shade garden. I love them so much I hope they spread! I love your “blogging spot”. What a wonderful view you have from there …

  13. I can never understand or appreciate beetroot put in vinegar. A litlle goers a long way. i much prefer it roasted or grated.
    It’s always interesting to see where other bloggers compose their posts.

  14. I love that chair and the view form the blogging spot. I will now be able to conjure up a picture of you when I visit you here. It’s lovely how little by little we get to know you, next thing we will see you sitting there, with a big smile on your face, which is exactly how I picture you now reading this post, there’s a big smile right there at the end:~))

  15. Something very interesting happens to me when I visit your blog. I breathe. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with the rest of us.

  16. One of my beds in my front garden is becoming overrun with Japanese anemone. I’m forever pulling it out but the flowers are so pretty I’m reluctant to pull it all out. It has been a strange Autumn, it still is very mild here, although just caught the weather for the week ahead and we may get our first frost on Tuesday night.

  17. I have read over and over again that Japanese anemones spread like crazy and sometimes way too much. They refuse to do this in my garden and many varieties don;t come back. Love your blogging area.

  18. It does look a lovely place to blog from! Wouldn’t be any good for me though. I’d look out of the window instead of at a screen.

    Beetroot in vinegar is falling out of fashion but I like it. Trouble is, vinegar is part of a long list of items my insides rebel against now so I think of it wistfully.

  19. Roasted beetroot sounds fantastic! I planted beets at the wrong time of the year last year and they didn’t do well. I think they would do much better as a cool season veggie for me. I will try again!

    Your blogging nook is so inviting, I don’t know if I could get any real work done, as I would be gazing at the view and daydreaming the whole time!

  20. a lovely view from your desk there! I

  21. What an amazing study/desk!!

    I feel your pain on the Japanese anemone, we have the same problem in our garden with hypericum (Rose of Sharon) – even a tiny root fragment starts a new plant. I have been trying to get rid all year, but still see the odd new shoot coming up and have to dig it out.

    The thing is, I am still tempted to plant anemones because they are so pretty!! But forewarned is forearmed – if I do put some in I’ll make sure it’s in a corner of a small bed so I can hopefully limit their spread!!

    Well done for getting out anyway. I have had a very indoorsy weekend planning Christmas cards and doing decluttering, and the light is basically gone now, so too late to garden now!

  22. I like the view of your blogging nook!

  23. Oooh, what a comfy place to blog…not sure I’d want to get anything else done!
    Jane x

  24. Still plenty going on Bridget – I turned the last of my beetroot into chutney last week but have yet to try Borscht. You blogging nook looks very cosy.

  25. Bet you’re glad you can’t see the turbines cos of the mist…pity it doesn’t mask the sound of them too!!!! Would love to try the beetroot and choc cake,sounds delish.

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