Who said Sunday was a lazy day?

In sustainable living on November 13, 2011 at 5:49 pm

This morning we decided to drive down to Lough Allen, which is about 5 miles away, and have a walk on the pebbled foreshore as we often do. However it was not to be as the lake was further in than usual at this time of year. I think the good weather of the last couple of weeks had made us forget all the rain that preceded it. The pathway was not to be seen, completely covered with water.

It’s challenging farming here, this is nearby farmland completely flooded. This land will not be usable again until next Spring. Our old house and land came right down to the lake about quarter of a mile further on from here.

 Our next stop was an old cottage that is for sale. Regular readers will know of my liking for poking around old places, I just love it! This one still has the crane over the fireplace where the kettle or pot used to hang in bygone years. There would be a hook hanging down nearer the flame on which to hang your vessel. I bet many a good meal was cooked here.

It’s been a while since the bed was slept in! Even I have to work hard to see potential in this one. Surrounded by Sitka Spruce forest and up a very long lane with a gate half up which must be kept closed, I don’t thing this one will sell in a hurry!

Back home by 2.45. The wine, made from the last of the grapes is bubbling away.

Soon the stove is fired up and throwing out welcome warmth. Quick coffee and then the house is filled with the scent of Summer…

Strawberry jam cooked and potted up.

Then to the polytunnel to get some salad to go with the rice and dhal we are having for dinner. Yes, we still have Nasturtiums in flower. The frosts so far have been very mild. So that’s it, another lazy Sunday ends!

  1. We have nasturtiums in flower too – well, the first one flowered just today 🙂 Of course, we are at the start of summer, so plenty more to follow I hope. Thanks for the visits, they are much appreciated.

  2. What a wonderful Sunday! I love the flowers on the salad and your poking around the old house.

  3. Antiques, cottage, homemade jam, walks, gardens … Oh you have the life!

  4. Your fireplace is very welcoming, indeed! A great place to sit and reflect upon a satisfying day. I love to see before and after photos of home remodeling. The old cottage certainly needs someone with plenty of vision and money!

  5. Hi Bridget, Sounds like a great Sunday. How nice ti will be to have that homemade jam this winter. I love old houses too. It is fun to speculate on what it looked like when they were originally built and what changes were made, when and why.

  6. I love that cottage. Needs some work though. We’d love to be able to start from scratch with somewhere, a real blank canvas but even ruins are very expensive where we live! I’m very envious of your salad, I’ve just had to get rid of some cut and come again lettuce that I had in my coldframe. It’s succumbed to botrytis which is understandable with the lower light levels and damp air.

  7. Loving the cottage, I share the pleasure in poking my nose into these old places, they are disappearing so fast. The interior design is really something. Interesting the way the shorelines around the world really vary and yet we all enjoy our stretch of water the same way. What a nice day!

  8. Strawberry jam… yum!

  9. Our nasturtiums are most definitely done for the season, sadly. Perhaps I should try a few in the greenhouse to extend their season. I’m impressed you have some blooms for your scrumptious salad in November! Strawberry jam sounds perfect right now, I just pulled some fresh oat-wheat bread out of the oven, and it’s crying out for some homemade jam.

  10. I used to love poking about in old cottages. The kind that looked as if the owner had just popped out and left everything as it was even though there was a whole in the roof.

    I miss having a poly tunnel. The season can just go on and on…

  11. What a wonderful relaxing day complete with good homegrown food—ideal.

  12. It doesn’t sound like a very lazy day to me – someone would have to have a lot of imagination if they took on that cottage – at one time I would have relished taking something like that on – not any more.

  13. I thought you were going to say that you were planning to buy the old cottage…

  14. Green salad leaves – what do you grow in your polytunnel?

    • Mizuna, Rocket, Kale, Parsley,Winter lettuce, Spring Onions and nasturtiums, leaves and flowers, in today’s salad. All growing in polytunnel.

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