Spring days in November!

In Gardening on November 10, 2011 at 3:46 pm

The weather here at the moment is amazing. Blue sky, sunshine and so mild too. The only clue to the fact that it’s Winter is the lack of leaves on the trees. Hopefully it will continue. I find these type of days quite invigorating.

In the garden many plants are flowering again. This Fuschia did’nt do well flower wise in the wet Summer…it is now covered in cheery blooms. Not a sight I’ve seen in previous November’s. This time last year was 10 degrees colder…we had really heavy snow at the end of November.

Feverfew is flowering again…

as is this Rose which is in a pot by the back door.

Inula is flowering by the garden gate…

and on the laneway the skeletal remains of Summer plants serve as a reminder that yes…it is Winter.

I’m delighted that this Spindle has flowered and produced berries as I grew it from a seed planted about 8 years ago. Soon the skin on these seeds will split open to reveal the vibrant orange coloured seeds inside.

  1. Ah, spindle. I think i spotted some of these near my cottage. So vibrant but I had no idea what they were.

  2. You have so many interesting things to look at in your garden. Your rose is lovely.

  3. Apart from a rose and clematis flowering the garden here is looking more like your skeletal remains picture. `Appreciate your blue skies while you can.

  4. Of course here in my part of the world it is Springtime in November, so it was a little disconcerting when I read your post title. I thought the world had gone a little topsy turvy! It’s lovely to see some flowers still blooming away in your garden and it sounds like you’re really enjoying the sunny blue-sky days. Loved the little Inula flower! Bright and cheerful, like the weather.

  5. I understand—we have been having a series of beautiful warm and clear fall days (winter starts 12/21!!!) finally after the worst fall weather ever.

  6. Those changing season days when the air is like champagne! We don’t have them here, but I remember Switzerland.

  7. I love spindle trees, their flowers and seeds are so unusual. We haven’t had the beautiful blue skies you’ve had, although today was a little sunny but it is so unusually mild. It has caused some unusual plant combinations. I’ve got hellebores flowering underneath my acers which are still in autumnal leaf!!

  8. Your weather looks amazing Bridget – you deserve it after the awful summer that you had – nice to see so many late bloomers.

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