The days of long shadows.

In Gardening, nature on November 8, 2011 at 5:41 pm

The last few days have been lovely here. Frosty mornings followed by bright sunny days. The sun is low in the sky making for long shadows. Driving into the sun at this time is a pain as the low lying sun does’nt get blocked out by the sun visor…a small price to pay for these lovely days. The nights are long now…darkness falling by 5.30. Waking this morning I was expecting another sunny morning but alas there was no frost so the day was cloudy and dull.

Hopefully the frost will return and we will once again have diamonds glistening in the grass…

and gossamer cobwebs to be admired.

The neighbours Cows still have lots of grass to eat in the fields. The mild wet weather we had through September and October ensured continuous growth.

In the garden plants like Lamium…

and Pulmonaria ensure there is still some colour. If the weather stays mild it will be an opportunity to make more plants by dividing these stalwarts of the garden.

Rheum palmatum gives a last splash of colour before retreating underground until next Spring. Here’s hoping for more frosty nights and long shadow days.

  1. Are,’t these cobwebs with dewdrops on them fantastic/? There’s a lot in out local woods. You know the saying great minds think alike … I also have a photo of a dog and long shadows two instead of one. Nice to think of all someone somewhere on a dog walk admiring similar shadows and the like.

  2. I never visited Ireland but I remember that very low Autumn sun in my walks in Manchester…And the frost, for me it was so amazing to see something like that for the first time, I may have taken like a million pictures of frosty grass! Thanks for bringing back those memories 🙂

  3. Gorgeous pictures, no frost here yet.

  4. Oh I love the frosty mornings. We have cold sun here today. It makes me want to work outside, but then I find there is more cold than there is motivation…

  5. Your weather is just the opposite of ours at the moment – no frost as yet and dull, grey, drizzley days, and worst of all nothing worth photographing.

  6. I love looking at the photos on your blog, interesting leaves.

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