As October ends…

In flowers, Gardening on October 29, 2011 at 2:40 pm

many of the trees have shed their leaves, withdrawing the enegry and nutrition within to tide them over the coming Winter. The Ash and Hawthorn are already bare, others like the Beech and Oak hold the leaves for longer and very slowly lose their colour.

The seed pods of Honesty are now turned brown. Soon these silver discs will disintegrate allowing the seeds within to drop to the earth where they will throw up an abundance of new plants next Spring.

The Latin name for Honesty is Lunaria, I presume this refers to the moonlike appearance of the seed pods. It is also called Money Plant or Silver Dollars.

This Polygonum has been flowering for months now. It’s not as invasive as it’s more famous relative the much hated Japenese Knotweed. I still would’nt put it in a border though, just to be on the safe side, this one is planted in a corner on it’s own which it has filled very nicely.

This little Primula which is in a tub by the back door has decided to flower now. Is it flowering very early or flowering very late? I can’t decide which. I think plants are a bit confused with the strange weather this year. The Summer was cold and wet so plants must have thought it was Autumn, now it is still wet but very mild. Plants thinking it’s Spring maybe?

Sedum spectablis is still providing a great splash of colour…

while also sending up next’s years shoots! Surely these don’t usually sprout like this until Spring?

The Black Hollyhock is still flowering too. It is getting shelter and support from the Twisted Willow it is planted against.

  1. Fantastic colour from the Sedum spectablis.

  2. We don’t see the dramatic change of seasons here, so it’s always a delight to read posts like this. It’s quite fascinating to me.

  3. There are definitely some wierdly flowering things right now – rambling rose and today a fab purple hebe. I fear the frost will creep up and bight them.

  4. When I was a kid we used to pick some of the honesty and take of the papery seed covering. You get left with a shiny dried flower type of thing. Very pretty.

  5. I’ve noticed in previous years that sedum produces these tiny buds before winter but there are many weird goings on in the garden. It’s just so mild (had to put the summer duvet back on last night!!) I have alchemilla, primroses, hellebores, campanula and stocks flowering.

  6. My hollyhocks died back ages ago, but they are growing new like spring from the ground. I hope the coming cold isn’t shocking news to them. I am impressed you still have blooms on yours.

  7. I too just posted plants at month’s end. I am so surprised with the weather, as to what is still blooming. I do like that money plant. Very cool texture.

  8. When I read this I realized we had a similar phenomenon here. Our national tree, the Araguaney, normally flowers with the first rains in April, but I noticed the other day that a few of these trees are in bloom right now and they are not supposed to. Do you think this had anything to do with the slight shift of the earth’s tilt after the earthquake in Japan?

  9. I too have shoots on my sedum and other plants doing things well out of wack. even daffs
    few inches out ground. I think I am also out of wack with all this rain. will we ever have break. At least we now look forward and not back

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