Rain! Rain! Rain!

In Animals, arigna, Ireland on October 17, 2011 at 3:07 pm

This was the view from our front door yesterday morning. Nice blue sky…there was even some sunshine…not a bad day.

This morning was so different. Everywhere was damp and the sky was heavy and grey. There had been lots of overnight rain. Taking the dogs for the morning walk I could see the Arigna river about to burst it’s banks. The walk was short as the rain started again.

This afternoon the rain finally stopped by 3 o clock. I decided to take the opportunity to go for another quick stroll. I could hear the rush of the river from our backdoor. It has burst well clear of it’s banks now. The rain had been torrential.

At the turn one can see that the river just could’nt cope with the flow of water. This is normally dry land with the river meandering through.

On the plus side…our water barrels are full…and I love the sound of the rushing water…

and we don’t usually have a view of the river as we walk down our drive…

or a little river flowing by as we walk on the lane. Guess what the forecast is…yeah…you’ve guessed it…more rain. Don’t think I’ll be doing any gardening for a while. It’s crazy that as we get this some parts of the world are having famine caused by drought. Would’nt it be nice if we could regulate the weather so that everyone got a bit of everything. We could have more sunshine. African countries could have some welcome rain enabling them to grow their crops again. Spain could do with more rain to solve it’s water shortage problems. If only!

  1. I think as gardeners we often welcome rain unless there has been way to much of it. Your lane is so beautiful and inviting. The river is beautiful.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and making a comment – what a beautiful place you live in – very much reminds me of the sort of place we choose to spend our holidays.

  3. Amazing how the river grew in one night. It usually takes days of rain to cause such change here. We’ve had enough to green everything up but now we have cool dry days. The geese have arrived from Canada and fly over singing — it makes Max run and bark and wish for wings.

  4. Everything looks so green and beautiful there, but I know too much rain can be a drag. But the dogs look happy!

  5. Rain by the bucket here too. Yuk! Keep dry if you can

  6. Hi Bridget, we haven’t had much rain lately, but it certainly turned cold today here in the south. I just found some brave tomatoes clinging on outside and brought them in to the windowsill. We would like some of your rain if you can spare a bucket or two πŸ™‚

  7. Yes, if only…. We could all have wonderful gardens and plenty to eat!

  8. Yes, it is too bad that areas with excess rain can’t ship it to those in need … Seems like extreme weather in so many parts of the world these days.

  9. We were next to get the rain. Everything is very boggy and wellies are the order of the day…

  10. Central Scotland got your rain a few hours after it left you. The pond overflowed and all the bog plants were entirely submerged…..It won’t do them any harm, I hope

  11. We had a few too many days of rain too! It felt like we would never dry out… and now it is dry and windy. I wish I could send some of the rain to other areas, and could definitely use some extra sunshine! I hope you get a little bit of sunshine soon πŸ™‚

  12. From droughty old East Anglia I feel a shimmering of envy.

  13. We have had a week of rain….so we thought we’d send it your way for a while!
    Jane x

  14. Weather is certainly not even handed.

    We are still dry here. I brought the washing in in a hurry this afternoon but, although the wind has got up, I was wrong that it was about to rain.

  15. Oh dear poor old you – still it gives you a chance to do some nice things indoors.

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