Amongst Trees.

In nature, Off the beaten track. on October 6, 2011 at 9:51 pm

Evergreen Oak

Yesterday was National Tree Day in Ireland. To mark the day I went with my Mother who is staying with us for a week and my friend Saffron to Lough Rynn Estate near Mohill in County Leitrim. There is also a lovely walled garden there and the big house is now a successful hotel. But yesterday it was the trees which held my interest.

Majestic Scots Pines.

Being amongst trees is for me like meeting old friends again. There is an easiness in the relationship,  a feeling of security to be amongst them, a belonging that cannot be falsified. Maybe it stirs my primeval memories of when our land was covered in great forests.

"Eye" on Monkey Puzzle tree.

Entering a forest is like entering a sanctuary, a place of comfort and safety. A place to walk amongst nature in all its glory. It is calming and soothing to the human mind. It is so amazing to touch, to connect with these plants that have lived here for hundreds or even thousands of years. What have they witnessed? If only they could speak!

Yew with berries.

 But then, maybe they speak, it is us who are not listening. Observe their generosity. How they provide food and shelter for man and beast. Many modern medicines have their origin in trees. They cleanse the air we breathe. They shelter our homes from the ravages of weather and throw shade on a warm day. All without words, without acknowledgement from us.

Fungi on a dying Beech tree.

 There are of course people who love trees, who see themselves of their protectors. One of those people is 65 years old Teresa Treacy from Tullamore, County Offaly. For many years she has been planting thousands of trees by hand on a farm owned by herself and her sister. It was her mission in life. Three weeks ago she was thrown into jail because she would not allow an electricity supplier to clear 14 acres of her beloved forest to erect plyons. What a shame on our once tree covered country. The judge who jailed her said she would not be released until Teresa withdrew her contempt. She did not do so. She remained firm, like a well rooted Oak. Today Teresa was released from jail thanks to a huge public outcry. Hopefully she will be left in peace in her favourite place…amongst trees.

  1. Hello Bridget!
    It’s nice to know a kindred tree lover like you. I visited your beautiful country a few years back and i fell in love with it’s serene and mystic charm esp the fascinating Cliff of Moher. You may be interested to view our tropical tree collection at where i get inspiration for most of my poems. Cheers my sister!

  2. Hello again, Bridget 🙂

    There is something about trees that I connect to too. Maybe it’s my celtic roots also. As a teenager I sat in fields drawing them. I love this time of year when the structures of their branches and trunks become visible. Eyes and knots are wonderful to both draw and photograph.

    There’s something about people like Teresa too. I’m delighted to hear she has been released 🙂

  3. I plant trees every year. It is cheering to hear that Teresa was supported by enough people that she was freed. We must all stand together on so many important issues.

  4. Trees do talk! But you have to love them to hear them, like Teresa does.

  5. I agree with Jane above and I think the judge and electric company should be jailed, some people won’t be happy until they destroy everything, I’m glad Teresa is free,

    I hope you all had a good walk through the trees, like your photos and tree thoughts, Frances

  6. Teresa showed less contempt than the electricity company that wanted to clear the forest.
    Jane x

  7. People like Teresa are few and far between good on Teresa trees and bees are the worlds life line

  8. This planet needs a million people as steadfast as Teresa. Glad they released her!

  9. A great story!
    Can you even imagine a world without trees? That would be a terrible day.

  10. I think most of us love trees, because they are so big and majestic. They tower over us, like they are protecting us as we walk underneath their strong arms. Love the ‘eye’ photo!

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