As September Ends…

In Gardening, Off the beaten track. on September 28, 2011 at 10:00 am

At last the Hollyhock decides to bloom. Worth waiting for though. I got three of these as a gift last year but alas two were killed in last Winter’s hard frosts. I think it’s fab!

It is growing beneath this Twisted Willow which I grew from a cutting. During the recent winds I tied it to the tree which saved it from being destroyed.

In the polytunnel Salvia Hotlips has decided to flower again. Pretty!

Whilst weeding a flower bed the other day I cam across this Frog. Look at the size of the tum! I wonder if they fill up with food before hibernation or have they eggs already formed in there for next Spring? Beautiful colours! I put her by the pond in the polytunnel. She promptly jumped in and went to the bottom so I presume she will hibernate there  for the Winter.

Cabbage plants have been planted out in the veg garden. These are Savoy, a crinkled leaf variety which is Winter hardy. These will mature next Spring. A barrowload of farmyard manure went into this bed as it is continously planted year round. Onions grew here in the Summer. These are now drying for use throughout the Winter.

 Andy has been building a new shed onto the chalet, it will be used as a fuel and animal feed store. Here he is putting on the tin roof. Shortly after he finished the heaven’s opened and torrential rain fell. Good timing on that one!

And finally a pic of this lovely little church which is opposite the gates to Killegar where we attended the Mushroom Festival on Sunday. Does’nt it look lovely amongst the trees! It is still in regular use.

  1. My hollyhocks were late blooming this year, but they are blooming in spite of the fact that we are getting frost just about every night.

  2. My experiences of frogs just lately have been of the ‘squidged’ variety…eugh!! That Hollyhock is the most stuning of colours xx

  3. I’ve just been visiting a friend, and she pointed out her hollyhocks, which have also burst into late bloom (mine, alas, are sulking). What a beauty – and a lovely frog as well…

  4. I left a whole patch of those black hollyhocks behind when we moved from the desert long ago. You’re right, they are very fab!

  5. Lovely colour to that hollyhock Bridget – I have just planted some out – for next year.

  6. What a lovely frog..looks very well fed indeed.
    Jane x

  7. Bridget,

    What a cute frog! I like that hollyhock, be sure to save some buttons for future plantings. Seems summer pasted to quickly doesn’t it.

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