Autumn Equinox @ Prospect Cottage.

In Animals, arigna, Foraging., Gardening on September 20, 2011 at 10:35 am

The changing colours of Autumn are upon us, much as we may not like it, changes are afoot. Human beings do not much like change, we like other inhabitants on this Planet are creatures of habit. Although when change is forced upon us we are quick to adapt. At this time the Autumn Equinox is upon us, hard to believe it’s 3 months since Summer Solstice. It’s said time flies when you’re having fun, well time is certainly flying!

The last of the wild berries can be harvested on nice dry days. All sorts of Fungi are to be found in woodland and pasture. Nature’s abundance is still there for the picking. Still to come are the almost ripe Hazlenuts of which there are lots this year. Sloes, which are best after the first frost has softened them. Elderberries will be fully ripe soon too. They are great for jams, chutneys, cordials and wine. A tincture can be made from them which is said to be a wonderful restorative and immune system enhancer.

The animals also benefit for the abundance of the season. Daphne loves apples, not too many together though as they can cause bloat. Peelings left over from making jams and crumbles are always a welcome treat. Last week I collected a big box of windfalls from our neighbour’s orchard. They will provide treats for a few weeks.

The Goats too are fond of Apples. They also watch for falling leaves at this time of year and really enjoy them. Soon their bodies will be preparing for Winter by growing their Winter coats.

For us at this time when day and night are equal we must also adjust our minds to the coming of Winter. Enjoy the first frosts and the sunny days they will surely bring. Gather the last offerings from Nature. The larder is filled with the abundance of Summer, all is well. Who knows, we may be snowed in again this year! Soon we will head to Tipperary for the day and bring back a trailer load of hay and straw to bed and feed the animals over Winter.

May you all enjoy this time of adjustment. Enjoy the longer nights, make it a time for enjoying each other’s company. The frantic activity of the garden is now winding down. Think of some craft projects to work on over the Winter. Walk in the woods and enjoy the Trees as they too make their seasonal changes. Happy Equinox to All!

  1. Nice cosy feel to this post Bridget – although there will still be a lot of outdoor work to do, if I have any time left after blogging – I will definitely be doing something crafty.

  2. It’s true the nights are getting longer: I used to be in the garden until 8.30 (or later) and then eating supper very late. We’re now almost back to eating at a reasonable hour and soon, as you say, I’ll have time to crochet in the evenings. I’ve really enjoyed your post and the inspiration to look forward to the calmer days of winter – even if there’s still plenty of work to do in the garden for now (I’ve got paths to put in and fruit trees to plant!).

  3. Your post reminded me why I like autumn – yes, the garden may be a bit of a mess, but there’s a sort of ‘cuddling down for the winter’ air about it…

    And I’m very envious of you still having elderberries – the birds and the wind have had all ours, and I didn’t get enough to make much of my usual syrup. It’s great against colds… but that could be the brandy that goes in too. Just a thought!

  4. I am in the same state of mind…planning for autumn and winter. I am hoping to work on some crochet or knitting projects during those cold months of winter.

  5. Hi Bridget,
    There’s a lovely feel and tone to your post today.
    You’ve gpt me thinking about making a list of projects;~D
    I tried to connect on twitter but it looks like you’re not tweeting?

  6. Hi Bridget, we too are getting ready for Mabon, with fruit collecting for wine and we will make sure we head down to the orchard to give thanks to our trees for the abundance of fruit. Happy harvest festival.

  7. Dear Bridget, Thank you for the lovely reminder that we have to enjoy the season. I have been busy complaining that summer is over, and dreading the change. You made me take a deep breath and calm down. P. x
    PS Love your goat! We have a very naughty one.

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