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Every year at this time we have a ritual of going to pick Black Plums at our former neighbour’s place. Don’t know the variety of these Plums but they are a cooking variety which the owners brought from their native Germany. In Germany they are known as a Plum for using in Plum Cake.

As yesterday was a nice dry day it was designated the Plum picking day. Other neighbours came along too so it evolved into a little social event. The recent wind had broken some branches which had to be cut out. As these were from the crown of the tree they were laden with lovely ripe fruit. It made the picking easier and quicker, not that we were in any rush!

This lovely big basket of Plums would grace any harvest celebration table. Some were to be used for a big Plum Crumble last night.

In less than an hour this box was full to the brim with Plums. I will destone them and freeze for use in jams, chutneys and crumbles later in the year when the days are shorter and more time is spent indoors. One kilo will be kept to make jam for immediate use. They are high in pectin, very similar to Damsons, so the jam sets easily. I will include the recipe I use for the jam.

Damson or Black Plum Jam.

1kg Damsons       1kg sugar     three quarter pint of water

Method:  Wash fruit, slit and remove stones. I like to have a kilo of fruit after removing stones so allow a few more grams to allow for weight of stones. Place them in a preserving pan with the water. Simmer until fruit is soft. Add sugar and slowly bring to the boil, boil until a set is reached. Stir frequently to avoid burning.  The set will come fairly quickly as the fruits are high in pectin. Pour into heated sterilised jars and seal immediately.

As today is again dry I’m now off to pick Blackberries!

  1. Gorgeous plums – I wish we had a place around here to pick them! We actually planted a Santa Rosa Dwarf plum this year but it had only two plums and the birds beat us to them. And blackberries too! I’m purple with jealousy LOL.

  2. Makes me nostalgic. We used to go plum and peach picking in my youth. My Mom would make plum wine and one of our neighbors would make plum jam. Nice harvest.

  3. That really is abundance, and nice to know neighbors partake of the bounty, what a lovely heritage! I wonder what happens to the former owner!

  4. What beautiful plums – such a beautiful color. Your plum crumble sounds wonderful. I hope you get lots of blackberries, too!

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  6. I grow Victoria – not as abundant this year as last. Also they are full of wasps, so picking is hazardous

  7. They look just like what we call Italian Prunes. I’ve never made jam– think I may try your recipe though, thanks!

  8. They look yummy! Our winters are too cold for us to grow plums, they are expensive to buy, and NEVER taste like real plums. Have a big bite of crumble for me!!
    Jane x

  9. We won’t have time for jamming this year but, when I do make jam, damson is one of the ones I like best and bottled plums are a treat in the winter.

  10. Hi Bridget
    Glad to see your annual ‘plum fest’ – I’ve already had mine – plums everywhere and in everything, it’s been a good year hasn’t it. You’ll appreciate them all the more during the dark months of winter.

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