Random Thoughts from Prospect Cottage.

In Gardening, sustainable living on September 13, 2011 at 7:07 am

Cosmos, one of my fave flowers is still doing well here in this tub despite the wind and rain which has been battering us for a few days now.

Sedums are reddening up, Autumn is here!

This purple Sedum which I got earlier in the Summer is already showing it’s dark red flowers. Not too many Butterflies though!

Onions are drying on the bench in the shed. They will be tied in bundles for use through the Winter months. Have you ever noticed how home-grown Onions are much stronger than shop bought?

Red Onions are also drying. These will make a lovely Onion Marmalade or decorate a Winter salad.

In the polytunnel Red Orach is setting seed. I shall plant this outdoors next year as it is very decorative, not so keen on it’s edible leaves.

The Grapes are starting to ripen at last, very late this year. They are surprisingly sweet given the lack of sunshine. I am going to leave some to get really ripe as I plan to make wine this year. The riper they are the higher the natural sugars.

  1. Love the fact that you are making wine! I might just move in with you! šŸ™‚

  2. We had a flush of ripe grapes about three weeks ago and in response to the Hurricane, the birds descended on the arbor when the air pressure started to get wonky and they literally cleaned them out. More are beginning to turn now, and we’ll have plenty ourselves for jam and cooking, but I have to say, given the weather here, I expected them to be a disappointment and they aren’t… they are amazingly sweet! We planted blue Concord grapes….

  3. I ‘did’ a garden the other day where they had several different colours of Cosmos and it looked quite stunning…gotta get me some next year. In a pot looks quite special x

  4. Beautiful harvest Bridget. Have a delightful season!

  5. Lovely reflections…so appropriate for this time of year. You have a lovely harvest!

  6. I grew red orache a couple of years ago and quite liked it. It had very little taste I found but a slightly odd texture like a cross between a leaf and rice paper. I can’t imagine having it as the main ingredient in a salad but maybe to add a bit of colour and variety of texture.

  7. Your grapes look great! And I love that purple sedum!

  8. Dear Bridget, I can’t believe the growing year is nearly over. My grapes did well this year. They grow over a pergola at the side-entrance to the house and it smells like Italy there. I usually leave them for the birds, but must do something with them this year – I’m thinking of making grape jam. Hope your weather improves. P. x

  9. Bridget,

    I used to see butterflies on sedum a lot, but in recent years hardly ever. My sedum is 12 years old, it has moved 3 meters across the garden. I dug 20 lbs of potatoes today, not much but a lot of yummy meals.

  10. It’s fun to see Fall happen in different ways all over the world.

  11. My onions have done really well this year too. They’re just drying off at the moment. I think everything home grown tastes so much different than things bought from the supermarket, you get a much more intense flavour when home grown.

  12. Wow, well done on the onions! And I am truly looking forward to hearing updates on the wine-making.

  13. Everything is looking pretty good Bridget, plenty of onions to see you through the winter.

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