August Flowers @ Prospect Cottage.

In Gardening on August 19, 2011 at 1:37 pm

The Lilies are standing up well to the horrible weather. It’s more like Autumn here than high Summer.

This lovely velvet flowered Ivy Leaved Geranium is in a wall pot by the back door.

Montbretia just beginning to flower. This will have to be divided in the Autumn as it is spreading like crazy.

A late flowering Carnation among the Alyssum.

One of the little Fuschias that survived last Winter’s frosts with a Harebell in front.

In the hedgerow the wild Fuschia is flowering. Now growing wild in many areas it is the symbol used in Cork on quality artisan produce.

  1. I just love the smell of alyssum!
    Thanks for your visit and comment about my photo. I’d love to be in that scene, too!

  2. All so lovely … love the wild fuschia!

  3. Wow, how interesting to have wild Fuschia growing. I love Fuscia, however, it does not grow well here due to the heat and humidity we have in the summer. It is only available in hanging pots and usually doesn’t last the entire summer! Beautiful pictures! Happy Gardening! Mindy

  4. very unique varieties.

  5. You have some vey pretty plants, but the common geranium looks gorgeous there.

  6. Hi Bridget! I agree – the constant cold and wet weather might not be enjoyed by a lot of us humans, but the plants and flowers are certainly benefitting from it – your beautiful lillies, geraniums and fuschias are testament to this. I think they love living in Prospect Cottage.

    On a more somber and serious note, although you probably know about this already, there’s going to be a presentation tomorrow about fracking.
    Here’s the blog post I received today from the Dock’s official blog:

    People who wish to inform themselves further on this topic, are very welcome and encouraged to attend a public presentation on hydraulic fracturing by Mr. Helmut Fehr in the

    Mayflower Centre, Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim

    at 3.30 pm tomorrow, Saturday the 20th August.

    Mr. Helmut Fehr, German politician, academic and well-respected authority on hydraulic fracturing is currently holidaying in Ireland, and has kindly agreed to give a public presentation on the topic, an ideal opportunity for members of the public to further inform themselves on hydraulic fracturing and its potential impact upon this region and Ireland itself.

    Larger numbers are anticipated at this meeting, attendees are advised to come early, so I heard, he will begin 3.30 sharp.


    We will try our best to be there tomorrow, but there are a few things we need to take care of closer to home, first, and may be cutting it very fine, time-wise. But I’m hoping that there will be a huge turnout for this, a most important issue that we all need to know more about.

    Take care, Bridget. If I’m not there tomorrow, and if you do attend this presentation, please let us know how it went.

  7. Love the harebells – I don’t know why I haven’t got any as they are a typical cottage garden flower, thanks for reminding me.

  8. Dear AG, Autumn is coming very early to PA, also. You still have some lovely blooms in your garden. P. x

  9. Lovely flower’s. We had heavy rain all day yesterday and most of my flowers are on the ground.

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