The Potato Experiment @ Prospect Cottage.

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Monday last was August 1st, also known as Lammas or Lughnasa. In the not so distant past this was a time of fairs and horse trading in honour of Rhiannon, the horse Goddess of the Underworld. There is still one remaining horse fair held on this day which is I believe held somewhere in Galway. Here in Arigna we like to harvest produce on this day  as it is also a celebration of the abundance of the season. A time of gathering and preserving in preperation for the Winter which is just around the corner.

In April we planted Potatoes using a method new to us. Newspaper was placed on the ground, potatoes on top then covered with a thick mulch of rushes (straw could also be used). See post Blueberries, Potatoes & Rushes published on 11th April for more info and pics.

The variety planted was Colleen. Wow, the results far exceeded my expectations, I admit I was dubious. The Potatoes are clean, just pull back the mulch and there they are. Good yield, the amount above is from 2 plants. The size was a bit erratic, some very large Potatoes, some small. All in all we are well pleased and shall definitely use this method again.

In the new gravel garden, see post Elephant Hawk Moth & Gravel Garden published June 8th, everything is filling out nicely. The pots with mostly succulents in are doing particularly well. It is the sunniest spot. Many of the plants have flowered for the first time. Really love the little flower on this one.

In the vegetable garden Oregano is flowering now. The Bees just love it. Some of the flowers will be dried for use in teas. It is useful for colds, headaches and gastro-intestinal disorders. With the addition of a teaspoon of honey it makes a delicious tea. The leaves can also be infused to make a hair conditioner or added to your bath water to promote relaxation.

  1. I didn’t know the flowers of oregano could be used for teas. Is that true of any variety of oregano?

  2. Bridget you are a true growing godess! Am gobsmacked actually, never heard of such a thing. Also your flowering succulent is a triumph…….I just know how much work is must be going into it… really love the earth.

  3. The bees just love my oregano as well. Great potato crop!

  4. I love learning new gardening methods! Looking forward to trying potatoes that way. Loved the info on oregano blossoms too, I didn’t know all of its uses! Thanks Bridget! Your pictures are always so lovely 🙂

  5. I like the way you planted your potatoes! I may have to give that a try!

  6. I was interested in your potato experiment and did try your archives but you have to keep pageing back and back so gave up, it seems like a good idea, have you got them in a polytunnel? love the colour of your oregano flowers mine are just white, Frances

  7. Interesting post about Lammas Day. Regarding the potatoes I never realised you could grow them completely without earth, how interesting. Next year I may well experiment myself.

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