Beauty by the sea.

In Off the beaten track. on July 23, 2011 at 8:04 am

Went to visit this lovely area near Grange, Co. Sligo a few days ago. It was fairly windy so it was quite “fresh” coming to evening.

As you enter you can go right to a stony beach or left to an area of solid rock that must cover a few acres. This solid rock area is really beautiful, well the whole area is, but this is strikingly, amazingly beautiful.

The limestone is littered with fossils, each one so beautiful and intruiging.

Depressions in the rocks hold little pools of water with the most amazing bright green algae.

Fossilised coral.

A little Sea Campion growing in a rocky crevice,

and this fab fossil made up of so many little tubes. Such a beautiful fascinating place. I shall return!

  1. Hello Bridget, Thanks for the visit. Today it’s much calmer and the fuel has gone up in price!
    I love your pics of the corallian fossils, probably in limestone. I bring all the loose bits home but am planning to return to Sandsend soon at low tide for some special stuff.
    My sister is coming to visit but your blog looks so lovely I shall read more of it when she has gone home.
    Cheers Gillian

  2. So different from the beaches I know … Rocky beaches give a sense of life in creation …

  3. OOH! I love that green water!

  4. Love that part of the country, isn’t Sligo such a pretty county? After Waterford (and of course Cork I am biased after all) Sligo has to be the nicest!

    BTW what you’re calling Sea Campion [Silene maritima] is actually Sea Thrift [Armeria maritima] either way it’s a beauty!

  5. Nature is so amazing. Great fossils! Makes me wonder about times before us.

  6. Wild and beautiful,just as nature intended. Thanks for showing us
    Jane x

  7. Yes those structures are amazing! I am living near the sea too and i can relate to what you have been discovering there. It is even nicer when the seashore is rocky as there are more critters to see, than the ordinary normal sand beaches.

  8. Beautiful place! Thanks for sharing the highlights of your visit!

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