Thursday Musings from Prospect Cottage.

In Gardening on July 14, 2011 at 11:15 am

For Diana of Elephant’s Eye blog: a front facing pic of the old Quennie stove planted with succulents. Sorry pic is a bit wonky!

Harvested the first onions yesterday. These were from sets planted in Spring in polytunnel which were for use as spring onions. We did’nt however use them all so they grew to full size. We use lots of onions in cooking so these won’t last long.

These perfect white Roses are on a plant grown from a cutting by my Mother.

Cosmos have been flowering for a while now. They are in every shade of pink, this darker colour is my fave.

In the small polytunnel the Tomatoes have been mulched with Comfrey. This will rot down over time and give the plants an extra boost of nutrients.

Leeks have been planted in the beds outdoors. I save the loo roll holders to stop the soil from falling in on the plants.

By the back door this lovely Geranium is flowering, I love the colour.

  1. Cosmos are one of my favorites! Mine haven’t started coming up yet. A friend told me that they all turn the lighter shade of pink after a while and it turned out to be true in my garden. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I never used to see Cosmos until a few years ago, now I see it everywhere! I guess the urban garden centres over here have picked up on it as a ‘trend’ so people are buying it for their gardens. Much nicer to have sown from seed! Your mother obviously has a great talent with roses, the white rose is so lovely. I wish I knew how to do that!

  3. Hi Bridget: So glad I found your blog. I will stop back again as I’m enjoying your posts. Cosmos are lovely, aren’t they? What a beautiful place you have! –Beth

  4. Gorgeous roses! I also prefer the dark pink cosmos. Have you noticed some years you see none of the dark pink ones and then some years you see quite a lot of them. Well my mom says the older generation believed that if you see many of the dark pink flowers you are guaranteed going to have a fruitful season next year.

  5. I love that you have a rose started by your mom. I have ferns from my mother’s garden… great souvenirs.

  6. Bridget I love your mum’s white rose, beautiful, I like your stove, I am finding bits of an old stove among other things in an area that has a lot of stone and stuff dumped and grass grown over, I have a collection of things I want to use as planters or garden art but no area in the garden yet for them, a good onion haul there, Frances

  7. Hi Bridget, I like the whimsical planting in the stove and the turquoise dust bin especially. So whimsical! Your white rose from the cutting is beautiful. That is quite the harvest of onions. I hope my small vegetable plot produces as well.

  8. That’s a creative use of a woodstove 🙂 Beautiful white roses!

  9. Ooh yes, the stove looks even more inviting from the front, with the Art Deco twiddlypoms?

  10. I may have to steal your leek solution. Genius!

  11. Your pictures are lovely as always Bridget! I love that deep pinky maroon of the cosmos too! And your mother’s rose is amazing!

  12. Gorgeous old woodstove! I have an old 800 pound funky green Wedgewood I’d like do do that with. Just as soon as I find Hercules to come move it for me!

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