Weird and wonderful plant containers.

In Gardening on July 12, 2011 at 7:52 am

We use all sorts of weird and wonderful objects to make containers for plants. This one is a snare drum with a succelent in.

Two more drums from the same set. I think there’s two more left to be planted from the kit. Don’t worry Andy got a new set so he’s not without drums.

An old pair of wellington boots make a home for more succelents which are starting to spread nicely.

Old worn out boots are given a new task.

Metal dustbin filled with Ferns, Ivy and a Hosta.

Finally, an old cast iron stove planted up with succulents. Yes, I do like succulents. They are easy to care for, grow easily from cuttings and spread fairly quickly.

  1. How clever!! I love it. Especially the drums.

  2. The planters are wonderful. Nice to know I”m not the only one that thinks anything with a hole in it is a flower pot!

  3. I love your creative use of everything for planters! Wow…. those drums really are fabulous. (Glad Andy got another set LOL.) But the cast iron stove is equally creative!

  4. Love it!! I especially like the idea of the drum planters…excellent! I like succulents, too…save water!

  5. Love the drum planters. What a great idea.

  6. Like the can the best.

  7. I love the old iron stove..succulents just seem so right in this. Lovely photos, great and informative read

  8. Another picture of the old stove please? From the front, or the side? And the dustbin is a glorious Art Deco eau de Nil!

  9. Love the drum planters– that’s original! I have an old washing machine tub planted with ferns, and a sitz bath too. It is so interesting how these things make their way into gardens, the man-made items getting woven into nature and working with it. I would like a roof garden, or maybe a hobbit hole…

  10. Who’s a clever girl then – original use of containers spectacular.

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