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The east window of the ancient Abbey of Tarmon, Drumkeerin, Co. Leitrim.


Nothing left now except the stone walls and the beautiful window above. Built sometime between the fourth and fifty centuries this was a Franciscan Friary. All is quiet now here on the western shore of Lough Allen.

Wonder what these sticking out stones were for on this old farm building. Any ideas anyone?

They stop at the little window. I’ve asked several people and nobody knows what they are for!

This now deserted farm shed was once an important shelter for animals on the smaller farms that were part of the Irish landscape pre EU days.

Inside the lovely flagstone floor is being taken over with Ferns and wild flowers.

The Hydrangea continues to bloom each year despite it’s isolation.

The old laneway once used by the men who travelled to work on foot to the local coal mine. Deserted now and being reclaimed by Nature.

  1. Bridget, thank you for shpwing these pictures to us. I love old historic places. I think those steps are for climbing.

  2. Nice! I always love your pictures and descriptions. It’s kind of like receiving a post card from a dear friend who is traveling every few days. I enjoy your perspective! 🙂 Happy Gardening Bridget

  3. the steps are a fire escape. lol.

  4. Even in its isolation everything seems to thrive and remain beautiful….seems like a great place to visit and ponder…

  5. Great photos. How wonderful to still see the arched window in the old abbey. Old derelict buildings do have a real charm of their own. Those stones sticking out of the wall do look like steps. I rather like Denis’ idea of them leading up to a little loft where the vermin can’t get to.

  6. Hahaha, nobody seems to know the exact use for the steps, or maybe nobody researched on them. I think things could have been gotten out of the small window and it is easier to transport it down via those steps. Amazing and amusing!

  7. I would guess that they are leading to a poultry loft hence the little enterance, usually the bottom step is about two and a half foot from the ground to stop rats getting up there.

  8. i went to little derelect church near heaps town and it had those steps goin to the belfrey although the belfrey was no longer there

  9. Those stones look like what is left of a stairway up to the hayloft maybe?

  10. I love old buildings nature is claiming, thanks for sharing Bridget, I don’t know what the steps are for except steps, in the England I have when walking come to styles over walls built this way sometimes with a modern wooden one next to it, Frances

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