The Blackcurrant Harvest.

In Animals, Cooking, Gardening, sustainable living on July 6, 2011 at 4:21 pm

The Blackcurrant harvest continues as more fruit ripens each day. Other years you could cut off branches and pick off the fruit as all would be ripe together. This year however the bushes have to be gone over daily to pick the newly ripened fruit.

As branches are eventually stripped of fruit the goats get a treat, competing with each other to get any remaining currants which they love. I’m sure a vitamin C boost won’t do them any harm!

I freeze the fruit in 1kg lots. This is then enough to make 7 or 8 pots of jam or a few bottles of cordial. Blackcurrants are of course full of health promoting antioxidants and Vitamin C. They are helpful for joint inflamations, eyestrain and urinary tract infections. Research in New Zealand has found a compound which may help some types of asthma.

As I pick the dogs keep me company. Lettie sits on the garden bench, a plank of wood on some concrete blocks, and enjoys the heat of the sun.

Freddie stays closer, dozing under the shade of a Blackcurrant bush. I’ts amazing to think this little guy has only been with us little over a week. He just fitted perfectly into the routine. He hangs out with the other dogs, does’nt run off and is very affectionate. Everyone who visits loves him.

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  2. the blackcurrant looks yummy… (^__^) i love your dogs! they’re so cute.

  3. Hi Bridget, Black currant jam is my absolute favorite! I have several currant bushes, but as they struggle with the half shade of my back garden, I don’t get anywhere near as many berries as in your harvest. Your dogs are adorable! And I have always wanted to have a goat. Maybe one day….

  4. I didn’t realize they had so many medicinal qualities. I need some for my inflamed joints! Cute goats. Adorable dogs.

  5. How many bushes do you have? We have started off with three ,and are picking our first handful this year. I would say the bushes are just ove a foot tall. How tall will they grow? I’m looking forward to masses of blckcurrants in the future….I love them!
    Jane x
    PS So glad Freddie is settled.

    • We must have 20 bushes by now. I keep propogating more every year. The mature ones are are about 3 and a half feet tall.
      Hi Alice, yes goats are great I love ’em.
      Yes Elaine Blackcurrant Cordial is delicious. Good for you too.

  6. I admit that I’d no idea goats could be so attractive!

    Happy to have found you via Blotanical.

    You’ve designed a wonderful layout for your blog.

  7. I have just finished picking my blackcurrants, but as I still have some jam left from last year, I decided to make cordial, which is delicious.

    Glad Freddie is settling in okay.

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