A New Puppy.

In Animals, arigna on June 30, 2011 at 3:04 pm

Meet Freddie, our new doggie. He arrived on Tuesday. Gerry, the local farrier(someone who shoes horses and sees to their feet) asked us if we would like a little Jack Russell X  puppy.

Gerry had rescued Freddie’s Mother Minnie from an abusive situation and some time later she gave birth to one puppy.

As Gerry already has several dogs he was looking for a home for this little fellar. He also did’nt want Mother and Son to breed together. As you can see he made himself at home straight away.

It’s so tiring being this cute!

Welcome to Arigna Freddie!

  1. What a nice little fellar 🙂

  2. What a darling pup! He seems to have fitted in to your family straight away. As you know I rescued Flo and she birthed Tommy, but managed to keep them together with the help of the vet. Welcome Freddie!

    • Don’t contemplate it, we mus’nt, that is giving it power. Another disaster scenario. Freddie is looking forward to meeting you.

  3. What a beautiful dog. Love that his Momma was a rescue. We have had many rescues, and they make the best pets!

  4. Aaaaaah, he’s cutie!
    Jane x

  5. He sure is a real cutie and deserves a happy home! I think he’s struck gold.

  6. Freddie looks right at home! Looking forward to meeting him 🙂

  7. Jack Russell ehh! I think not although he is cute. No doubt he’ll be real happy in Arigna!!

    • Not a pure bred. Don’t know what the Dad is, the Mum is a miniature JR, white and brown. It’s weird how he just came and fitted right in.

  8. What a handsome wee fella, he’s fantastic!

  9. Oh, Bridget. Freddie is absolutely beautiful! I want to come over to your place right now and give him a cuddle. So, so sweet. He already knows how much he will be loved and cared for by having you and your hubby as his surrogate ‘parents.’ Having a puppy or a kitten in the house is such a joy and a delight. If I could afford it and if we had more land (and not so dangerously near a main road) I’d have dozens upon dozens of puppies and kittens. Welcome to a great life, Freddie!

  10. What a cutie – he must be a JR cross – the ones I have seen are always white with brown and black splodges.

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