Wild Plants that grow on our Lane.

In Cooking, Foraging., Gardening, sustainable living on June 28, 2011 at 12:50 pm

The Wild Rose is spread throughout the hedgerows. I love how the flowers change colour as they get older. Later on there will be vitaminC filled hips which will be used to make jelly and syrup.

Bramble is flowering too. The early Autumn harvest of Blackberries coincides nicely with the first cooking Apples, they marry together beautifully in tarts. I also make Blackberry and Apple Jam which is always a good seller. They can also be used in chutney and cordial.

Ragworth, a poisonous plant for animals, especially if it ends up in hay. They tend not to eat it fresh. It causes irreversible liver damage. We always pull any that grow in the fields as each plant has about 50,000 seeds. However, here on the lane away from grazing animals we leave them as they are the only food source for the Cinnabar Moth larvae.

So many beautiful grasses that would look beautiful in any garden setting.

The verge beside our driveway is left uncut, filled with Orchids, Plantains, Vetches and grasses to name but a few. If only more people would leave a section of their barren green lawns uncut they would be rewarded with gorgeous native plants and a multitude of insect visitors.

In the kitchen another lot of Elderflower Cordial is infusing. This one has Mint and Lemon Verbena added.

  1. I didn’t know that about Ragwort and the Cinnabar moth … Lovely grasses – I agree with the notion of leaving patches uncut for wildflowers …

  2. Hi Bridget,
    I enjoyed seeing the wildflowers in your area. We live in the city. I have been planting more and more native plants over the years, but will never have an authentic prairie. Still, I will enjoy what I do have, even though some of the plants don’t necessarily grow with each other in the wild.

    Thanks for your comment on my last post.

  3. Thanks for the tour! I need some elderberry for this summer cold that has taken hold. I’ll have to settle for some ginger tea.

  4. Fascinating. Our elderflowers are over but roses and brambles are only just beginning to open. Vetches have been around for a while but I don’t know whether the colours / varieties are sequential.


  5. One thing about writing a blog is that is makes you notice things – to give you something to write about. Because wild flowers are always around you don’t really take much notice of them do you? Lovely pics.

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