Saturday Ponderings from the Arigna Valley.

In arigna, Gardening on June 25, 2011 at 6:08 pm

Catmint and Lady’s Mantle looking good together,   Foxgloves looking on. It is said that blue and green should not be seen together. This gives the lie to that.

The Tomatoes are doing well in the small polytunnel. I do find lettuce  is going to seed very quickly this year, probably due to the unsummery weather. The only outside crops doing well are Onions and Potatoes, the rest are just sitting there looking miserable. Thank goodness for polytunnels!

In the back field the Sycamore stands strong and proud, oblivious to all weathers. Sycamore is not native to Ireland but it has naturalised and self seeds itself profusely.

Facing West just outside the back door is Ganesh, a present from our friends Paul and Debra who visited last weekend from Co. Clare. Is’nt he fab? Ganesh is said to be the remover of obstacles. I think he has his work cut out for him here. The biggest obstacle, as regular visitors will know, facing us here in the north west is the threat of the destruction of the land in search of gas. The process called fracking, short for hydraulic fracturing, is the only one that can be used to extract the gas from the shale rock we have here. If this happens it will leave a trail of destruction. Water sources destroyed, land and air polluted, an industrialised landscape instead of the amazing untamed wildness we now have. I am still stunned that our government would even contemplate letting this happen. But it seems they have. Maybe Ganesh will be successful!!

  1. Bridget,

    I hope the come the their senses on the fracking issue. Maybe Ganesh will bring better fortune your way. I’m curious to why you use polytunnels? Here in the southeastern US things would cook this time of the year. My family is from Ireland, we came to the US in 1790 many generations ago.

    • We use polytunnels because without them we could not grow tomatoes, cucumbers etc. We live in the north west, 600ft above sea-level. The Summer weather this year has been particularly bad with lots of rain and average temperatures of 15-17c.

  2. Ganesh fairly makes his presence felt. My wife always says, red and green should never be seen unless on the head of an Irish Queen, I can now tell her she has her colour combination wrong. Fracking was just brought to my attention quite recently, what I read does make me very surprised that governments should give the go ahead to this.

  3. Good luck, Ganesh!


  4. Is the rest of the world OK with Ireland self destructing by fracking?
    What can we do, if anything, to help?
    Jane x

  5. If green and blue are not meant to be seen together, then God made a mistake when He made the sky blue and the grass green! I like your foxglove, catmint, and Lady’s Mantle combination, and I think your sycamore tree is amazing.

  6. Garden and polytunnel looking good – maybe the Government will come to their senses!

  7. Lovely garden you have there! Just found you through blotanical, really enjoyed catching up on your last 1/2 dozen posts, beautiful! I am in love with the huge poly-tube…jealous 😉 Looking forward to following your blog!!

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