Birr Castle Gardens. Part 2.

In Gardening on June 16, 2011 at 11:19 am

Birr Castle has in it’s grounds The Great Telescope which was constructed here in the 1840s by the third Earl of Rosse. For over 70 years this was the world’s largest telescope. It was through this instrument that the Earl discovered the Whirlpool Nebula in the 1840s.

This arched Hornbeam walkway is within the walled garden.

This stone head gazes out from the grotto built over the Cuileann Tobar, the well of the Holly.

Formal box hedging surround 300 year old urns from Bavaria.

Herbaceous border in the walled garden.

This path lined with formal box hedging and topiary leads to the now sadly underused glasshouse. To left and right by the glasshouse are herbaceous borders. These glasshouses would once have been hives of activity propogating plants and seeds brought back from the plant expeditions abroad.

To finish, another beautiful Paeony Rose.

  1. What a wonderful tour! I’ve never seen a peony rose. It’s hugh!
    Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my Clematis painting.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. How beautiful! Thank you for the tour…

  3. Isn’t it fabulous Bridget, I remember the ice cellar where they stored ice taken off the lake in winter!

  4. Wow – do they still use the telescope? Will they let you look through it? I love the hornbeam walkway. Too bad the beautiful glasshouse is not used more.

    • No info on the stone mask. I imagine him as the protector of the well which is in the grotto beneath. I can see the Easter Island statues similarity, especially the mouth. The telescope is no longer used but it is an amazing sight.

  5. The first picture looks like a Harry Potter film set ;~)

    And the stone mask has a story to tell? Not quite a Green Man, more Easter Island?

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