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In Bees, Gardening, sustainable living on June 14, 2011 at 6:54 am

The polytunnel is getting to the stage I really like now, everything growing like crazy, plants merging into each other. Nasturtiums self-seed profusely here, I love their bright colours and the fact that they are edible. The Peach tree has put on lots of growth, I will prune it once or twice during the Summer. Summer pruning works for Peaches, Plums and Nectarines, Winter pruning can lead to silverleaf  and canker.

In the top orchard the Bees are happily working away. Andy checked them recently and the hives are good and healthy, no spare honey yet, the weather has just been too cold and wet. Hopefully the weather picks up and we will get some honey in late Summer. Our main priority is to have happy healthy bees.

Also in the top orchard we have been extending the mulched area. Up to now an area around each tree was mulched. Last week Andy strimmed the grass, we put down lots of newspapers and cardboard, then used the strimmings on top as mulch. When the weather gets better, (fingers crossed) we intend to plant this area with Pumpkins. They are already growing on in pots in the polytunnel. It’s just too cold at night for them so far. They can run rampant here and be pollinated by the Bees.

Foxgloves are in full flower now. I am often reminded of a picture of a painting I once saw in a book, of a gnome like being wearing a Foxglove flower as a hat. The painting was by Walter Thun, husband of Maria Thun who compiles the biodynamic calendar each year. I always have that in my mind’s eye as I gaze upon a Foxglove.

  1. Everything looks so healthy! We have very high winds here, I’m afraid your poly tunnel would by now have rolled half a town away! I’d love to try your mulch and newspaper method as well but again with the wind! Know what I do? (I have 4 teenagers) Offered one of them a bed last summer outside (Kids think sleeping out of doors is the best!) After a season outside, the bed had to go to the dump but the area where it was placed required only a few shovels full of compost and some rocks to surround the border and I now have a huge foxglove bed. This year it’s an old dresser… I use it to store tools and such and at the end of the season when it’s beyond help, it too will go to the dump and I’ll have another big area devoid of lawn grasses and a new flowerbed near the house. In our winds, heavy furniture is my mulch!

  2. […] polytunnels, bees and foxgloves at Arigna Gardener are all doing well, and I’m enjoying looking at this week’s selection of delicious […]

  3. Your tunnel looks good. And once sown, you never have to worry about not having any nasturtiums again!

  4. What a wonderful gardener you are. Lucky you having bees, and such a great tunnel, I am seriously envious. Foxgloves as a little gnome hat , love it!

  5. I like the look of your blog! Your polytunnel looks fabulous! That would be such a nice thing to have. I can imagine a little gnome wearing a foxglove hat. Although I don’t grow foxgloves, I love looking at them other people’s gardens.

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