Saturday Morning Musings from Prospect Cottage.

In Animals, arigna, Cooking, Gardening, sustainable living on June 11, 2011 at 11:13 am

The Potatoes in the polytunnel are flowering. These are Colleen a fast growing, first early variety with good disease resistance. The tubers are oval shaped with light yellow flesh. As potatoes are ready to harvest 10 days after flowering these will be ready for use by Summer Solstice. Great!

The sedums planted in this old cast iron queenie stove have spread nicely and are starting to flower. I love these easy care plants that seem to thrive on neglect.

This is a pic of our house taken from the back field. I love how it is nestled into the valley and seemingly dwarfed by the big Sycamore on the left. You can just see the tops of the polytunnels on the left.

Just behind the house is this chalet built by Andy, about 5 years ago, from Spruce and Larch felled on our own land. We use this as a workroom and as a spare bedroom and storage area.

Sheila’s Crazy Horse Cake is a delicious vegan cake I made yesterday. I got the recipe from an American woman called Sheila who lived, with her husband Brendan, in this area for a few years. She was vegetarian all her life, never tasted meat, and had a great selection of cookery books. Whenever I make this Crazy Horse Cake I always think of her and joy she had for life. They returned to America for family reasons and we never heard from them again. I wonder where they are now?

  1. Love the photo of the house from the back field and Andy’s chalet. Lovely Bridget, cheered me up no end this morning!

  2. Is crazy horse cake – her name for it, or yours? You can also google ‘crazy horse cake’ and see what comes up apart from this post of yours.

    I knew arignagardener was familiar – you’ve been showing up in my blog stats ;~)

  3. I am on diet right now but would also love recipe love baking and watching others eating and enjoying my baking

  4. Well can we have the recipe then ?

  5. Would be willing to share the recipe?
    Jane x

  6. love Andys’ chalet – you should think about renting that out during the holidays! That cake looks scrumptious but how sad that you never heard from them again. Did you try to google or facebook them? If you have their surname it should be an easier task!

    • No Ena I did’nt try googling them, but, now the idea has been formed!! Hi Jane, no probs sharing recipe, I will put it in my next post. Yes the chalet is a lovely space, sometimes when we have guests we sleep out there and let them have the house!

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