June Musings from Prospect Cottage.

In Bees, Gardening on June 6, 2011 at 10:48 am

Californian Poppy among the Carrots. Don’t know how it came there, I did’nt plant it! It is a welcome sight though on this sunless June day. They self seed madly so maybe I will have a swathe of Californian Poppies in the polytunnel next Summer.

Trifolium pratense or Red Clover as it is commonly known is flowering now. An important source of nectar for bees it grows wild along the lane. Like all legumes it is a nitrogen fixer. The flower heads have long been used in herbalism. They are used in herb tea mixtures for chest colds and stomach problems. Externally it is used as a poultice or in bath preparations to treat rashes, ulcers, burns and sores. Some years ago I also read about research using Red Clover in the treatment of cancerous growths.

It seems like the Sweet Williams have been threatening to flower for ages. I think they are waiting for sunshine. Hopefully the wait will not be too long!

In the polytunnel everything is growing rapidly now. Lots of produce to be had, Lettuce, Rocket, Spring Onions, Beetroot and Sugar Snap Peas give variety to our meals. The bed you can see on the right was planted with Parsnips in March, however they did’nt germinate, due to the dry weather we had at that time, I think. Planted more last week so fingers crossed. The Pumpkins are Sunflowers are still in pots in the polytunnel. The weather was never settled enough to plant them out, although I think I will plant out the Sunflowers today as they are becoming potbound. The weather is so odd this year. On Friday last it was 25c, today it about 13c and the forecast for the week is for dull days with temperatures only reaching an average of 13c.

  1. I started off with a packet of red california poppies and after a few years of self seeding they are all yellow now. I love the way the self seeding things are so generous…there are now aquilegia growing in some cracks in the side of the road….unfortunaley the council come round a couple of times a year and poison everything, I think its a personal attack…..otherwise my garden might self seed and take over the village!!!

  2. Great photos. The California poppies brighten the garden – love them.

  3. I love Calif poppies, but not had any for a while- your post made me realize I need to get some seeds! It seems as tho’ you may have to keep your sunflowers snug & warm- with the IWO forcast of such a chilly wk ahead– and I know I hope the forecast on a google app I have is wrong- says a low of -2 for KK on Thurs! Yes, a minus! NOOO!

  4. This weather is now starting to annoy don’t you think? Like your sweet william we’re all waiting. Awoke to blazing sunshine this June bank holiday with 2 choices – Beach or Bloom Garden Festival. Packed and got myself ready to go to the beach, walked my dog and while out with him it became so cold that I had to finish it rather quickly (much to his annoyance). Decision has now been made by weather so Bloom it is.

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