Photos from the Morning Walk.

In Animals, arigna, sustainable living on June 4, 2011 at 11:47 am

The Irish weather is so crazy this year. Yesterday I took the dogs for their mornin walk wearing a skirt, tee shirt and a light shirt. Today I wore jeans, tee shirt, shirt and a sleeveless jacket. It’s about 10 degrees colder today. The sky was grey compared to the brilliant blue of yesterday.

Lots of Ragged Robin in flower on the lane right now. It is my favourite wild flower. It likes the damp soil and unspoilt wild areas we are so lucky to still have here. It self-seeds readily.

On the way back home I picked a bunch of Herb Robert. This little plant with it’s pretty pink flowers is the predecessor of the perennial Geraniums we now grow in our gardens. Made into an infusion and added to a footbath it is a great detoxifier. I will do this when the day’s work is finished. A simple indulgence free from nature.

The native Orchid is flowering too. This is the first one I’ve spotted this year. Beautiful.Bella and Enid absorbed in breakfasting among the Buttercups.

A remind of yesterday’s blue skies and energising sunshine. Hopefully it will return.

  1. The wild flowers are interesting and pretty.

  2. You may know of this website already if so you’re readers may be interested to have a read. The Red Data List of plants covers all the extinct, endangered and vulnerable plants?

    • Thanks for that info. Sounds interesting, will check it out. Yes, we are lucky to have lots of wildflowers growing here. It’s pretty unspoilt, no intensive farming.

  3. Hi Bridget

    Lovely post and yes of course those blue skies will return. Keep positive!! I adore Ragged Robin myself. Did you know that at one point it was on the endangered plant list? Lychnis flos-cuculi is a real beauty and you are so lucky to have it growing on your laneway.

  4. I really enjoy your daily postings I am only on the other side of the mountain near Geevagh and am enjoying the same things pretty much.

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