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A Visit to “The Home Place”.

In Animals, Gardening, Off the beaten track. on May 16, 2011 at 9:59 am

Returned last night from from a weekend trip to Tipperary, the home place, where I was born and all my family still live. It was my niece’s 11th birthday so everyone was gathered together. The first stop is always my Mother’s house, the first greeters are Scooby and Shaggy, the family dogs. The little one, Shaggy, was found abandoned in a ditch, frightened and starving. Now he is cocky, confident and affectionate. A bit of love is all it took.

My Mother and I share a common interest in gardening. She is a great one at delegating, at 75 she’s allowed! One of my jobs over the weekend was to plant out the bedding plants. All grown in the polytunnel from seed, by herself, of course!

The stone wall, built by my Father as his final job before he was taken by “the big C”, so unfair, he was 59. Now covered by Snow in Summer.

So many flower buds, this Rose was propogated from a stem in a bouquet given by my brother to our Mother. Green fingered Mother.

Huge Strawberries, proudly pointed out to all who enter the polytunnel.

A punnet for me to take home, picked by my niece, abundance shared, hopefully skills and instincts being instilled in her, for the future.   Strawberry smoothies for a birthday breakfast today. Happy Days!