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A Visit from the Farrier & a few more Strokestown pics.

In Animals, Gardening on May 13, 2011 at 7:19 am

Our pet Donkey, Daphne, had a visit from the Farrier this week. This is an essential part of a Donkey’s care and the oft seen neglect of not having their hooves pared results in their feet growing until they turn up into an Elf’s shoe shape. This leads to tremendous pain and discomfort for the animal and eventually the joints become affected. Daphne seems to enjoy getting her feet done, when Gerry arrives we only have to go to the gate and call and she comes running. The whole procedure only takes 10-15 minutes and needs to be done about every 3 months.

Back in the field and she seems delighted with herself. Donkeys love to roll where there is some bare earth, maybe it’s their way of scratching! Or is she expressing the joy of her new shoes! So cute! I can never understand how people can be cruel to these gentle and docile animals. But then I can’t understand cruelty to any animal or indeed to any of us creatures sharing this Planet together.

Could’nt resist sharing a few more pics from Strokestown (see previous post), I enjoyed the visit there so much.

Patty’s Plum is the name of this Poppy, I think! Is’nt it a beauty!

This massive clump of Shuttlecock Ferns was hiding in the undergrowth. Managed to find a few little ones looking for new homes on the outer of the clump! Naughty, but had to be done.