Garden Musings from Prospect Cottage.

In Gardening, sustainable living on May 9, 2011 at 9:50 am

The Poached Egg Plant (Limnanthes douglasii) is an easy to grow annual that is useful in any garden. Apart from looking pretty it is a great companion plant, especially useful near Broad Beans as it is an attractant for Hoverflies and Ladybirds who both like to dine on Blackfly, the main pest affecting Broad Beans. You won’t find Broad Beans in our garden as they are about the only vegetable we both dislike but Poached Egg Plant is more than welcome! It is a native of California but succeeds well in the climate here. It self seeds easily and can take over but any unwanted plants pull out easily.

The Bulgarian Lettuce has come on really well, we have been harvesting it for a couple of weeks mow. It is really crisp, like Little Gem, my fave Lettuce, but the heads are much bigger. I would love to save seed from this one.

Don’t know what’s happened here, never saw anything like it! Pulled back the leaves on this plant the other day expecting to see a Cauliflower forming. Nothing except this leaf growing from the centre of the plant which had formed a perfect little cup. It was attached to the centre by a “string” about 6 inches long. Bizarre! The rest of the plants were normal and the seed was organic.

All the Pumpkins and Sunflowers have germinated, these won’t be planted out until June when the weather will be settled again, hopefully, and the plants will be a good size and less attractive to slugs. All the seeds are home saved by ourselves or other local gardeners. Turk’s Turban always does well here, have been growing from our own seeds for about 5 years now so they are acclimatised to the area.

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