The Evening Walk. Part 1

In Animals, arigna, Off the beaten track. on May 7, 2011 at 8:08 am

Every day, (sometimes twice in the day), I go, with our two dogs Lettie and Alice, for a walk along The Railroad. The Railroad is the name given to the narrow road on which we live. So called because, up to the 1950s it had a narrow gauge railway bringing coal from the nearby mines. So, down our steep drive. The dogs wait to see if we turn right or left.

Right today. Lettie, the white speck in the pic, has to be in front, leading the way, ever the terrier.

Alice, always behind, he is 14 now, entitled to take his time.

The dogs run about, sniffing and checking out every Badger pass. For me it is the daily changes in the hedgerows that I love. The Hawthorn dripping with Lichens, signifying the clean air, the coming into leaf, then the flowers and last of all the haws, before Winter. So many wild flowers and plants, it’s hard to have a favourite. Herb Robert I always have a soft spot for though.Then there’s the Ferns, unfolding a little each day, to reveal their full beauty. I just love Ferns, some of the oldest plants on the Earth. 

   Check in tomorrow for part 2.

  1. Love this site thank you for posting it.

  2. It’s wonderful, that one can get to know a path so well, one notices every tiny change.


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